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        Donors, Sponsors and Partners 

Our Aim is for Sponsors to ideally impact the entire club!

About our Sheriffs Futbol Club (SheriffsFC) Donors, Sponsors and. Partners!!  

Donors are individuals or organizations willing to support our Sheriffs Futbol Club programs and player scholarships.  If you want to make a donation please continue at the DONATION button below. 

Major and Special Category Sponsors 

Sponsors are ideal in helping in small and large program areas of the club where we need  financial support to run our soccer program as close as a FreeToPlay program as possible. In return, our Sheriffs Futbol Club staff and our players look to give back in-kind "love of the game" to the Sponsor and their members or employees. 

SheriffsFC Major Sponsors 

Sponsorship Levels are Premier Sponsors (1 only), Gold Sponsor (up to 5), Silver Sponsor (up to 10) 

We give back to these sponsors our time and expertise to benefit the sponsor's membership or employees.


SheriffsFC Special Category Sponsors

Referee Sponsors, Field Rental Sponsors, Field Equity Sponsors and Soccer Equipments Sponsors.  

We give back to these Special Category Sponsors our time. expertise and cooperation. 

SheriffsFC Partners

Our partners are in-kind or product sponsors who Sheriffs Futbol Club works with to create mutual beneficial outcomes. Our kids must benefit from your offering and we also love to help back in ways we can add value.


Our Sheriffs Futbol Club Corp is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) #99-0881914 and our California State ID is 6049937.

For more information on Sponsorships and Partnerships please contact or click here to receive more information.

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