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When DSAL was founded, there were very few positive options for recreation or activities for kids after school in the Ashland / Cherryland neighborhoods. As we connected with youth and families, we realized the need to address deeper issues, like unemployment, lack of investment in the unincorporated areas, and social and political disconnection. We now see DSAL’s mission in a larger framework of social equity, community-led economic empowerment, and creative placemaking: creating a profound change in how law enforcement serves the community. 


Our Soccer program operates a free recreational league serving over 1500 kids per year, a free competitive Sheriffs Futbol Club that has been winning at all levels, Friday night Futsal & Pizza for teenagers, and multiple camps and tournaments that offer low-cost opportunities for kids to improve their soccer skills and have fun.


Thank you so much for considering a donation to DSAL.  DSAL and ACSO are doing work that can shift the direction of law enforcement in this country, and we appreciate your contribution.

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